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15:33 Friday 22nd May 2015
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Tipzone Pro RSS Manual

Along with the SOAP API, all subscribbed API members recieve an RSS feed of thier tips. This can be accessed using the following URL.

  • tipStatus - the desired valid tips status.
  • email - the email address you use to login to your Tipzone Pro tipping account.
  • password - the password you use to login to your Tipzone Pro tipping account.

Tipzone Pro API Manual

Service Details

The Pro API service is provided via a SOAP interface, the details of which are as follows.

Service location:
WSDL location:

Accessing the Service

Access to this service is restricted to those tipsters that have registered as a professional tipsters and subscribed to the Pro API service.

Once you have your Pro Tipster account, you may connect and login to the service described above using the username and password from your Pro Tipzone account.

To help you get started, please find bellow some example code that connects to the Pro service and returns the sports active for today.

This example has been coded in PHP 5.1 and is only intended to provide you with an idea of how to connect to the service. If you need to access the service using a different language, then please create your own code to do this.

$client = new SoapClient(
     => "",
     => "",
     => 1 )
$return = $client->__soapCall(
  array('your email address here',
        'your password here')
echo $client->__getLastResponse();

echo '<br/ ><br />';

$return = $client->__soapCall(
echo $client->__getLastResponse();

Testing the Service

To allow you to test the service's connectivity and begin your integration, there is a test mode available that can be accessed by passing a switch into the login function. This switch should be set too 'true' to activate the test mode and left off completely or set to false otherwise.

When using test mode, all reading operations will operate identically, but the place_tip function will, instead of placing your tip, simply validate the data provided and return a dummy tip record if all is valid.

$return = $client->__soapCall(
  array('your email address here',
        'your password here',

API Function Reference

Functions within this service will always return the following in addition to any function specific return data:

  • errorNo - 0 if no errors occurred
  • errorMessage - blank if no errors occurred
  • message - will sometimes contain notes of interest or messages that do not effect the normal running of the service, e.g. 'Already logged in.' when logging in


function login(email: String,
               password: String,
               testMode: Boolean = false)

Your first command in any connection should be to login. This will authenticate you with the server and will remain valid for the duration of that one connection.

Get Sports

function get_sport(date: Unix Timestamp = Now())
return sports: array( item: sport )

This will return an array of sports that are currently active on GG.COM at the time specified in 'date'. If no date is given, then the current date is used.

Get Venues

function get_venues(sportID: Unsigned Integer)
return venues: array( item: venue )

This function will return a list of venues in which events are active for the sport provided.

Get Events

function get_events(venueID: Unsigned Integer)
return events: array( item: event )

This function will return a list of events for the venue provided.

Event statuses include:

  • Open = 1
  • Closed = 2
  • Cancelled = 3

Get Outcomes

function get_outcomes(eventID: Unsigned Integer)
return outcomes: array( item: outcome )

This function will return a list of all the possible outcomes for the event provided.

Get Tips

function get_tips(tipStatus: Unsigned Integer,
                  date: Unix Timestamp)
return tips: array( item: tip )

This function will return a list of all the tips on your account by status for a particular date.

Tip statuses include:

  • Open = 1
  • Closed/Settled = 2
  • Void = 3
  • Withdrawn = 4

Place Tip

function place_tip(outcomeID: Unsigned Integer,
                   stake: Unsigned Integer,
                   eachWay: Unsigned Integer,
                   atSP: Unsigned Integer,
                   reason: String = '')
return tip: tip

This function will place a tip on the outcome specified by 'outcomeID'. The values required by this function should be provided as follow:

  • stake - value representing the valid stake for the tip in your currency's lowest common denominator, i.e. in pence, cense and etcetera.
  • eachWay - 1 to tip each way or 0 to tip on a win only
  • atSP - 1 to tip on SP or 0 to tip on the currently available odds

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