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04:38 Saturday 1st November 2014

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Cheltenham Preview from GG.COM
Cheltenham Preview from GG.COM
Our all-star expert racing panel previews the Cheltenham Festival.
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HRC Challenge - Week 44

# Tipster Pts
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1 pizzazz tenfiveclub 17.50
2 PuR3 12.33
3 dezekiel4 7.60
4 Chalkers123 7.00
5 WinnerAlright 6.00

Tipzone Naps Challenge - November 2014

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Leaderboard coming soon

Tipzone League

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1 smiffy1 96.24%
2 tipster69 16.54%
3 west007 9.94%
4 WinnerAlright 2.56%
5 iturner 1.97%
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» 11.35 santa nita..anyone???
by mmantom on Fri Oct 31 2014, 23:49
» My winter thread
by mbirchenall on Fri Oct 31 2014, 23:42
» 1050 santa nita???
by mmantom on Fri Oct 31 2014, 23:14
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