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15:41 Friday 28th November 2014
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 South Africa - Vaal today
Thu 24th Apr 2008 11:15 South Africa - Vaal today
Join date: Apr 2008
Location: Lenasia
Posts: 1
Racing is at the Vaal racetrack where races three,five,seven and nine are on the sand track and all others on the turf track

My Selections for today

Race 3 No 1 Pelindaba

Race 4 No 2 Foxhunt

Please let me know what you would like to read here
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Thu 24th Apr 2008 14:32 RE: South Africa - Vaal today
GG.COM's avatar GG.COM
GG.COM Admin
Join date: Jul 2001
Location: Northampton
Posts: 2144
Hi rnaransamy

Great to have you with us.

What we want is anything you can give us on South African racing - thanks for the tips so far. We have an international usership which wants to know more and, as with having introduced Australian racing onto the site last year, we are in the process of acquiring South African racing (racecards, results, form, news, etc), so hopefully we can give you and other SA users more reasons to join with us on GG.COM in future.

We'll keep you updated, but any further advice/tips you're able to give would be gratefully received by all.


The GG.COM Team
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