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07:26 Thursday 24th July 2014

Help & Support

The GG.COM Help Section aims to answer some of the most common support questions asked by GG.COM users. We plan to keep the information here as up to date as possible and hope this will become the first port of call for GG members in need of technical support. Click on a question to see the answer.

Login Problems
How do I change my email address?
Select "Change Email" from the Member Options menu on the left.
I forgot my password!
If you have forgotten your password, then visit and we will send your password to you.
It says my account has been deactivated.
There are various reasons for user accounts being deactivated. The most common cause is when your email provider reports your email address is no longer valid. Please email to arrange re-activation.
My username and password are correct... but I'm still unable to login!
Please ensure you are typing your details correctly before contacting GG.COM for help. Common mistakes include:
  • Confusing number 1 and letter l
  • Confusing number 0 and letter O
  • Entering www. at the start of your email address. Most email addresses do not begin with www.
  • Entering instead of .com or vice versa.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, log in using your current password. After you have logged in, click on "Your Account" in the left hand menu and then select "Change Password".
It says I've made too many attempts to log in

For your own security, GG.COM will automatically lock your user account after five unsuccessful attempts to log in. This is to prevent malicious users using "brute force" techniques to guess your password and illegally access your account.

Accounts locked in this way will be automatically re-activated after 30 minutes.

How can I cancel a Tipzone SMS alert?
To cancel a Tipzone Alert, text GG TZ STOP followed by the Tipster Code on that tipsters profile. Alternatively, you can send just GG TZ STOP to cancel all Tipzone Alerts.
What does 'beta' mean?
'Beta' is a term used in software engineering to refer to software that is not entirely complete - there could be bugs and there could be mistakes. If you spot a problem you should report it to us at GG.COM will remove the 'beta' tag once we're happy the bugs have been worked out!
I can't see myself on the leaderboard!
In order to avoid giving new players an advantage, tipsters do not appear on the leader board until they have had a minimum of ten tips settled.

Tipzone will also assume that any players who have not tipped for 21 days are no longer playing the game - and will automatically remove them from the board.

The Forum
Can I advertise my website on the forum?
By all means; but please limit your advertising message to a horse racing related single post in the defined 'Advertising' section of the forum.
Can I publish my tips in the forum?
You can -- or you could use Tipzone to do it in style!
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Tipzone Naps Challenge - July 2014

# Tipster Pts
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1 drushforth 20.63
2 wparker 20.00
3 hchapman 15.25
4 pspracklen 13.61
5 kennyb28 12.00

HRC Challenge - Week 30

# Tipster Pts
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1 drushforth 14.00
2 Villa84 13.75
3 kwest1 13.00
4 hchapman 13.00
5 mborrecho 11.50

Tipzone League

# Tipster Gain
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1 gianduitto 14.83%
2 A Cupid Stunt 5.00%
3 gbarker1 4.94%
4 dajo 3.68%
5 grandad 3.50%
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